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Bootcamp Photography Course - Intensive Individual Course at Opelzoo

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Are you new to photography, have many topics you don't understand, or just want an extended workshop at Opel Zoo?

Then the Bootcamp Intensive Course is perfect for you!

In this course, you start at 9 am at the main entrance of Opel Zoo and are guided through the various enclosures, where you learn, understand, and can apply all relevant photography topics with the help of the trainer.

Starting from the basic settings on your camera, you'll learn to operate it like a pro. Together, we'll cover topics crucial to photography.

Following the motto learning by doing, we quickly find various applications and ideas to shape statements and compositions in our images.

We can also quickly identify any problems that arise and work together to find solutions. With more time, we can revisit various enclosures multiple times until the extended photography course at Opel Zoo ends no later than closing time.

Deviation from the regular individual course:

  • Extended course, max 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Problems & topics even more intensive
  • Even more topics
  • Evaluation of course photos

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the camera, settings, operation
  • Theoretical concepts in photography
  • ISO, exposure time, aperture
  • Exposure compensation
  • Focus points
  • Focus modes
  • Composition
  • Creative ideas
  • Use of tripod
  • And more

Since the course adapts based on the participant's knowledge level, the content is flexible. In the preliminary discussion, we'll learn which topics are particularly important to you and tailor the photography course to your needs.

opelzoo fotografie kurs königstein wildlife
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