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Landscape & Architecture Photography Course in Frankfurt

Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of photography in an Architecture & Landscape Photography Course in Frankfurt am Main.

  • Basics & advanced topics in photography course

    Learn how to operate and adjust your camera, as well as advanced topics related to photography in the photography course.

  • Landscape, Vacation & Travel

    Discover topics in the photography course to capture unique shots while traveling, in cities, and landscapes.

  • Individual Course Design

    Many topics can also be implemented in other areas of photography. The course structure is always tailored to the participants' topics.

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Photography courses for landscapes & architecture in Frankfurt am Main

You are a beginner and want to quickly and effectively improve your photography skills and enhance your understanding of settings, as well as advanced topics such as composition and creative ideas? In the photography course for landscape and architecture photography, you will learn the fundamentals, as well as many advanced topics, with a focus on this specific genre. Among other things,

  • Basics of Photography
  • Extensive Operation Options
  • Composition & Ideas
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Course Overview for Architectural & Landscape Photography

Whether it's an individual or group course for the Architecture & Landscape Photography course, the process is always tailored to the participants' needs and preferences. The ideal workflow is determined by fascinating locations and subjects that lend themselves to conveying the topics.

• Course without fixed course times (depending on weather, season)
• Individual courses or group courses with a maximum of 3 participants
• 1 photo trainer who leads the course and teaches all topics
• Breaks, pit stops, etc. possible
• Question and answer session & problem solving
• Shared use and experimentation of equipment with the trainer

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Requirements of the photography course

In the photography course for architecture and landscape, there are no minimum requirements, demands, or equipment necessary to attend the course. Both beginners and advanced learners can achieve effective learning results. It would be desirable if the participant already owns a camera, or you can simply use the camera provided. Depending on your equipment, the preparation of the following things would be appropriate:

  • Camera (DSLM, DSLR, mirrorless camera, bridge camera)
  • Lenses (between 10 and 100mm)
  • Batteries, memory cards, self-catering
  • Clothing depending on the season
  • Tripod, remote shutter release & filters - if available
Intensive course
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Photography Course Frankfurt Architecture & Landscape - Intensive Individual Course

249 €
  • Best learning outcomes
  • Intensive individual course
  • Individual appointment
  • From meeting point to choice of subject and content, everything is individual
  • ca. 6 hours photo course

In the individual course, we will explore the city center together and discuss operation, basics, and topics in a personalized conversation. With full attention, you will learn effectively about what matters in photography.

This course is especially suitable for beginners, or people who want to take more time for learning, or simply want to get the most out of a course.

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Photography Course Frankfurt Architecture & Landscape - Group Course

Photo course in progress
  • Group course for up to 3 participants
  • Flexible course depending on the participant
  • From meeting point to choice of subject and individual content
  • Approximately 6 hours of photography course

In the group course, we will explore the best locations and spots together with a maximum of 3 participants and learn landscape and architectural photography.

This course is currently still in the planning & preparation stage.


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Isabella & Manuel

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Petra & Ralf

We are thrilled! With full enjoyment, by candlelight and wine, we were able to relive our beautiful wedding through your photographs. A big compliment to you. We are very satisfied with the result, and our expectations were exceeded.

Renata & Andreas

Customers about us

Customer feedback from weddings, portraits, events, and photography courses

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Landscape & Architecture Photography Course Frankfurt - Content & Topics

In the course, a wide range of photography topics is taught. Depending on the participants and their level of knowledge, specific topics are covered in more depth. Generally, the camera is used in manual mode, and everything is explained through real examples in a practical course.

  • Basics of ISO, Exposure, Aperture
  • Operation,
  • Adjustment
  • Camera Modes, Focus
  • Composition, Image Ideas
  • Use of Extensive Accessories
  • Thought Processes
  • And much more.
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Advantages of Landscape & Architecture Photography Course

As an experienced photographer in various areas of photography and a long-time trainer of many photo courses, you will benefit from an effective learning experience in a practical course that caters to your needs and seamlessly builds upon your existing knowledge. From fundamentals to advanced topics, you will discover photography with a fresh perspective.

  • Professional photographer with over 10 years of experience
  • Handling various camera manufacturers
  • Dealing with various lighting and subject conditions
  • Handling subjects
  • Course, consulting, and participant experience
  • And much more
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Courses tailored to your needs

During a preliminary discussion, we will clarify your existing knowledge for the photography course, which topics are particularly important to you, or how we can make the learning outcome especially effective for you. We will also build upon the topics that you already master.

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Your photographer in the Landscape & Architecture Photography Course

Growing up in Frankfurt & photographer with over 10 years of experience in various areas of photography, Carsten's expertise extends to a wide range. With many years of experience in dealing with various participants in photography courses, participants benefit from an individualized photography course that promises the best learning outcomes.

Workshop Guide im Kronberger Opel-Zoo
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Photography course with a focus on capturing moving subjects & animals?

In the Architecture & Landscape Photography course, many fundamentals and topics are covered that have a different focus than animals or moving subjects. If you prefer a photography course on moving subjects & portraits, you can explore the animal workshops at the Frankfurt Zoo or Opelzoo.