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Photography Course at Opelzoo - Learn Photography

Learn the basics of photography on a photo safari at Kronberg's Opel-Zoo, and gain a deeper understanding. Master the operation of your camera and utilize optimal manual settings.

  • Basics of Photography

    Understand and Apply Correctly

  • Tips from the pro for other topics

    Many practical examples and topics for other types of photography (not just wildlife photography)

  • Single or group courses

    Individually tailored to the participant. Learning content based on the participant's needs.

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Course Informations Opel-Zoo

The most important information and key data about the photography course at Opel-Zoo near Königstein.

In the individual workshop, we adapt to your needs and find a suitable date and we are also flexible in terms of the time of day and course content. If you want to focus on a specific subject at Opel-Zoo or if you are a late sleeper and prefer to start later, it's not a problem.

In a group photography course, there is less flexibility, but you can choose from a selection of dates. Even in a group, we cater to your individual needs.

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Facts about the photography courses

Every photography course is individual. We adapt to your needs in terms of content, but also meeting point. Detailed information and differences between the courses can be found in the respective course offers.

  • Courses are possible within opening hours
  • Individual courses or group courses with up to 3 participants
  • 1 photo trainer - who teaches all topics together with you in practice
  • Lunch break with Q&A session, photo talk
  • Questions for new acquisitions
  • Shared use and testing of equipment by the trainer
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Photo course in Opel-Zoo - Requirements

For the photography course at Opelzoo in Kronberg, there are no minimum requirements regarding camera equipment or knowledge level. Beginners, as well as advanced photographers, are welcome in our course. If you don't have your own camera, there is the possibility to use the camera(s) provided by the instructor. Otherwise, feel free to use whatever you have. The following can be prepared for the course:

  • Manual adjustable camera (e.g. DSLR, DSL-M, Bridge, mirrorless camera)
  • Lenses (more than 85mm is desirable in many enclosures)
  • Batteries (charge and insert them before the course)
  • Memory cards (empty and insert them before the course)
  • Self-catering, snacks, drinks (alternatively, lunch break at the kiosk)
  • Season-appropriate clothing → The weather in the Taunus region is usually a bit windier and cooler
Single course
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Photography Course Opelzoo - Individual Course

  • Individual course with optimal learning outcomes
  • Individual Course
  • Normally 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • From meeting point to choice of motif and content individually

In individual lessons, you decide which topics and issues you want to discuss during the photography course, and you can shape the subjects and progression of the course. The fundamentals can be effectively conveyed to achieve a good learning outcome.

The individual course covers all normal individual needs for learning topics as well as issues in the course and is sufficiently timed to cover all relevant areas and subjects.

Extended Course
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Photo Course Opelzoo - Intensive Individual Course

  • Best learning achievements
  • Intensive Individual Course
  • Individual Execution
  • Maximal 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Zoo opening hours)
  • From meeting point to choice of subject and individual content
  • By staying longer, you can gain more flexibility or additional options (such as additional enclosures, image analysis, or longer time per subject).

The intensive individual course offers the same flexibility as the individual course, but the course duration is longer within the opening hours -- topics can be treated even more intensively and in more detail. With more time, it is also possible to watch and evaluate the recordings already at the zoo.

This course is particularly suitable for beginners or individuals who want to take more time for learning or simply want to get the most out of a course.

Couple, friends, relatives in pairs
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Photography Course Opelzoo - DUO

  • Like single course - with 2
  • Parent + child, cousin, couple, or friends
  • usually 10 - 16 o'clock
  • Good & individual learning outcomes
  • Exchange between both participants

The DUO photography course aims to conduct the course with 2 participants who plan the course together. Examples:

  • Parent & Child
  • Siblings, Cousins
  • Couple, Life partners, Spouses
  • Friends

The course is conducted together, and each participant can contribute and address their own topics and issues.

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Photography Course at Opelzoo - Group Course

  • Group Course Participants
  • Usually from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Maximum of 3 participants
  • Topics shared by all participants
  • Individual questions & support options
  • Mutual exchange

In the group photography course, we will find a date that suits all participants. The course allows a maximum of 3 participants. The next subject will be determined together. Each participant has the opportunity to address their individual issues as well as engage in group discussions.


We are really super happy and feel that the day and ourselves are perfectly reflected in the pictures!

Isabella & Manuel

Great wedding photos and a beautiful photo book.

Petra & Ralf

We are thrilled! With full enjoyment, by candlelight and wine, we were able to relive our beautiful wedding through your photographs. A big compliment to you. We are very satisfied with the result, and our expectations were exceeded.

Renata & Andreas

Customers about us

Customer feedback from weddings, portraits, events, and photography courses

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Photography Course Opelzoo Kronberg - Content & Topics

The course Photography Workshop at Kronberg Opel-Zoo covers various topics and practical applications that can be applied not only during wildlife photography. Get to know and understand the basic settings of your camera in order to create the best shots in any situation. During our workshop, all settings will be discussed and tried out systematically, so that the specialized knowledge can be understood and applied independently at a later time.

  • Basics of ISO, Exposure, and Aperture
  • Operation and Adjustment
  • Camera Modes and Focus
  • Composition and Picture Ideas
  • Thought Processes
  • And much more
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Your advantages in the course

Discover the world of photography with a touch of a photo safari at Opel-Zoo near Kronberg and benefit from a photography course tailored to your needs. The course covers a wide range of topics, from basics to advanced concepts, allowing you to learn and understand through practical application. Take advantage of our experience:

  • Professional photographer with over 10 years of experience
  • Familiarity with various camera brands
  • Ability to work in diverse lighting and subject conditions
  • Skill in capturing subjects
  • Experience in teaching, advising, and working with participants
  • And much more
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Opel-Zoo Workshop - Tailored to Your Needs

In our photography courses at Opel-Zoo, the strengths and weaknesses of each participant are individually analyzed and built upon existing knowledge in order to achieve the best learning outcome. If you are already familiar with a topic and want to delve deeper into other subjects, we will tailor the course based on your foundations and seamlessly continue from there.

Fotografie Kurs - Grundlagen für Anfänger im Opel-Zoo Kronberg bei Königstein - Eule Portrait Colorkey

Photography Course Shots from Opel-Zoo

With many hours of experience in the zoo, we bring the necessary patience to wait for the special moment. With the perfect camera settings, we achieve a low-noise and successful image. Learn the process of choosing the right and, above all, optimal settings of ISO, aperture, and exposure time in our photography course. Discover some impressions from our zoo photography course and zoo shots.

Opelzoo in Kronberg - Fotografie Workshop Grundlagen und Einsteigerkurs

Your trainer in the Opel-Zoo photography course

With the Kronberg Opel-Zoo within walking distance, Carsten is a frequent guest and almost a neighbor of the Opel-Zoo. With nearly 10 years of experience as a professional photographer, he masters every situation and is happy to share his tips. With great attention and calmness, he conveys individual topics and immediately recognizes operator errors and problems.

  • Favorite motifs: big cats & owls
  • Owns Nikon & Sony equipment, but also often handles Canon and other brands in everyday life.
Workshop Guide im Kronberger Opel-Zoo
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Opelzoo Photography Course - Learning Outcome

Often we are asked by participants whether the camera is to blame or if purchasing a new one would result in better shots. We believe that most users do not fully exploit the potential of their cameras and we frequently see course participants with several years of experience making basic mistakes or not even knowing the basics and operation.
As an illustration, discover a before and after example of a course participant who used a simple point-and-shoot (Canon SX 270 - Compact Camera) at Opel-Zoo. With the acquired fundamentals, even with just a compact camera, much better shots were possible.

Vor Fotokurs (Canon SX270 Kompakt)
Vor Fotokurs (Canon SX270 Kompakt)
Nach Fotokurs (Canon SX270 Kompakt)
Nach Fotokurs (Canon SX270 Kompakt)

Objektive für den Workshop im Opel-Zoo

Um einen Einblick zu erhalten, ob Sie von der Brennweite ein geeignetes Objektiv für den Workshop mitbringen, können Sie anhand der Objektivliste und mit dem Vergleichen der Bezeichnung auf Ihrem Objektiv feststellen. Dabei sind die Brennweiten auf Vollformat oder 35mm Film angegeben. Je nach Kamera wird zusätzlich die Vergrößerung mit 1,5x oder 1,6x Faktor zum Vorteil. Bei Unklarheiten Sie können Sie uns bezüglich Ihrer Ausrüstung kontaktieren. Die Objektiv-Auflistung stellt keine Mindestaufforderung dar. Auch ein Objektiv, was sich für die Motive nicht geeignet ist, ist eine hilfreiche Lektion im Kurs.

Standart-Zoom, Standart-Festbrennweiten

24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 18-55mm, 24-70mm

Ungeeignet / Für viele Tiere im Zoo Workshop ist eine Brennweite ab 85mm erforderlich.


18-105mm, 18-135 mm

Geringfügig / Zum Teil zu großer Abstand zum Motiv


85mm, 105mm

Geringfügig / In einigen Gehegen ergänzend geeignet


150mm, 200mm

Mittelmäsig / Gute Ergänzung zum Zoom


70-200 mm, 70-300 mm

Gut / Für diverse Gehege im Zoo geeignet


150-500mm, 150-600mm, 80-400mm

Sehr gut / Die meisten Gehege können fotografiert werden


1,4x & 2,0x in Verbindung mit geeigneten Objektiven

Sehr gut / Hilfreich als Ergänzung

Die Spezifikationen des Objektives kann seitlich abgelesen. In der Regel wird die Brennweite und die Blendenöffnung im Format wie z.B. 150 - 500 mm F/5 - 6,3 angegeben. Für den Foto-Workshop im Opel-Zoo ist die Brennweite also (Von-Bis)mm entscheidend. Geringere F-Nummern sind vom Vorteil aber Nebensache.